Dental Laboratories in France

LDA Laboratory

The LDA laboratory was created in 1967 by the association of five dental technicians willing to assemble their skills in order to satisfy the most demanding practitioners.

Located at the gates of Paris in premises of more than 600 m2, the laboratory has been equipped with the most modern production tools. LDA knew how to anticipate the expectations of the people and has the equipment that enables the implementation of state of the art processes.

General prosthetics, they perform all types of prostheses (assistant, joint, implantology and orthodontics). LDA today consists of a team of experienced technicians, divided into three areas with a manager for each department responsible for meeting any expectations.

Their prosthetics are qualified and trained regularly to the latest techniques.

Dentistry is moving to digital precision. Their business is in the process of technological change and the LDA laboratory is an expert in this field. For 10 years they have invested in CFAO and today the laboratory is equipped with several scanners (IMETRIC, NOBEL BIOCAD, 3SHAPE, MEDIT), machiners -creates precision metal parts- (IMES, OPERA, WIELAND) and a 3D printer (3D system).

LDA has therefore become a reference laboratory for several industrial companies (SIMEDA, PROCERA, Denteo CAD-CAM), for several implant companies and naturally they maintain close relations with the main players in the digital sector for the development of in-house scanners. Oral (TRIOS, CONDOR).

They take digital impressions of teeth requiring the next steps:

  1. Sending the dentist’s STL file to the LDA laboratory on the mail: [email protected]
  2. File Management at LDA Lab.
  3. Modeling of the CAD reinforcement.
  4. 3D printing of the model.
  5. Machining titanium, zirconia or cobalt chrome framework.
  6. Finalization of the prosthesis on the model printed by our craftsmen.
  7. Sealing the bridge. Courier shipment of completed work.

They offer this two products:

EMAX (inlay – onlay, facets, anterior or posterior crowns of 1 to 3 elements)

IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic manufactured in Liechtenstein by Ivoclar Vivadent, a world leader in the field of dental ceramics. With a success rate of 96.8% at 10 years, lithium disilicate is THE reference material for previous unit restorations.

  • Strength: 400 MPa. guaranteeing the durability of restorations.
  • Reliability: With a success rate of 96.8% at 10 years, they are certain of their choices.
  • Aesthetics: It is today the reference in aesthetics.
  • Biocompatibility: The quality of the periodontium surrounding the restorations is surprising.

Respect of dental tissues due to minimally invasive preparations but also respect of the opposing teeth thanks to its properties similar to that of natural enamel.

Katana UTML (inlay-onlay, facets, anterior or posterior crowns of 1 to 3 elements)

Katana UTML (Ultra-Translucent) are composed of layers of zirconia all very translucent to reproduce a natural enamel and harmonize the restoration with natural teeth. With a flexural strength of 550 MPa, UTML zirconia makes it possible to create reliable and aesthetic restorations while maintaining similar thicknesses to those of ceramic restorations.

Indications: anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, anterior bridges up to 3 elements, inlays and onlays.

SIVP Dentaire

Established for 10 years in Paris, the dental prosthesis laboratory SIVP DENTAIRE, certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 is a key player in the dental prosthesis. Since 2010, the laboratory SIVP Dental is the only laboratory of importation in France which manufactures 100% of your prostheses. A state-of-the-art laboratory. Their 1 200 m² laboratory has been equipped with the latest technological innovations to answer all your requests. It is equipped with the new Charly Robot and a latest generation 3D scanner that allows us to carry out your work by CFAO.

A systematic control for work of better qualities
Supervised by French prosthetists who hold the Master of Prosthesis, our technicians carry out your prostheses in strict compliance with the protocols and use only materials that meet the CE standards in force throughout Europe. To guarantee the quality of our work, these are checked at every stage of their production by a French professional prosthetic department manager.A direct and free contact with our logistics unit but also with our laboratory in Istanbul. You can request the progress of your work and their locations.You will be able at any time to contact our heads of laboratories on site to communicate to them directly and in French additional instructions concerning the works in progress.

SIVP Dental offers you different ranges of manufacturing adapted to each patient to offer you the best flexibility vis-à-vis prosthetic treatments. Both in their Tradition Range and in Comfort Range, all the prostheses are made in their entirety without any subcontracting.The Comfort Range is made in their Parisian laboratory and therefore has the “Made in France” label. By choosing it, you will satisfy the most demanding patients, you will enjoy increased quality and even more proximity.With over 30 years of experience in practitioner services in Paris or Turkey, their heads of laboratories supervise all their technicians and control all the works. They are at your disposal and can answer any technical questions.The Sivp Dental Laboratory has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 by the NAVIGA agency.

Certificate ISO 9001: 2008

In order to guarantee their clients maximum efficiency and transparency, they have required the NAVIGA agency to audit their laboratory.

This agency gave us the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. The certificate guarantees compliance with the regulations and the commitment of our laboratory to offer a high quality service with constant optimization.

  • The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our solid commitment to quality in the manufacture of our prostheses and in the service offered to our clients.
  • The certification acts as a guarantee of efficiency in the management of our laboratory, the constancy of the quality of our prostheses and the correct development of the production stages.
  • It is a guarantee of safety and quality for our customers.

Certificate ISO 13485: 2012

They also received ISO 13485: 2012 certification. This certification, specifically attributed to the actors in the medical device sector, highlights their:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Special process control
  • Understanding of risks throughout product development
  • Control of the traceability of the configuration of each medical device as delivered.

The products they offer:

Removable Prosthesis

They put special interest in the realization of your removable prosthesis to best meet your needs and expectations. Their laboratory has state of the art equipment for the realization of its removable prostheses. SIVP Dental has its own laboratory in France for the realization of repairs, individual trays and articulation plates.All their removable prosthetic works are returned with their corresponding gypsum model.

Fixed Prosthesis

The fixed prostheses of the SIVP Dental laboratory are carried out in strict compliance with the instructions of the practitioner. The fixed prostheses are manufactured under the care of detail and making use of the most advanced technology.
All our works are executed by prosthetic craftsmen and directed by French prosthetic professionals. All our fixed prosthesis works are delivered with their corresponding gypsum model

Prosthesis On Implants

Their specialized and experienced prosthetists in the manufacture of prostheses on implants perform all types of screwing or cementing work based on your requirements.If you wish, SIVP Dental will be in charge of asking your account for the necessary appointments to carry out your work on implants for any brand of implant that you use.
They are directly in relation to the implant manufacturers to answer your demands

SOCA Laboratory

The SOCA laboratory, the partner of the dental surgeons since 1976, proposes you
the best of the technology in the best cost in the respect for the aesthetics.

Socalab, the only one French dental laboratory which has been awarded with the label
«innovative company», commits through its process and ensures:

  • Identical CE certified raw materials in all products
  • an easy and efficient delivery service
  • a special technical service
  • full traceability
  • a high level of quality and safety, in accordance with the legislation:
      (dir/93/42) through an organizational model ISO-9001 : 2008

They are concerned to bring you the perfect combination of everyday quality of work
and quality of services, the fundamentals of a successful partnership.

For 35 years, they have dedicated all of their energy and expertise to their unique business, creating smiles.

Dental Ceram

A team of passionate specialists puts its experience at your service and makes you benefit from the best progress in dental prosthesis. Trained at the best worker in France, then for several years in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Jacques Boucher assumed the responsibilities of Head of the Technical Department (Deputy and Joint Sector) of the Ivoclar Society (first European dental group). He has been managing since 1986, as a Master Prosthetist, with his wife, the DENTAL CERAM laboratory: a laboratory approved Dental D, quality ISO 9002 – QUALI-PEM and award winning quality contest Poitou-Charentes.

Today, DENTAL CERAM is composed of about twenty people specialized in the different conventional techniques of the dental prosthesis, but also in the digital domain thanks to the use of new CAD / CAM technologies (computer-aided design and manufacturing).

They offer you quality, experience, deadlines, dialogue, attractive prices, French manufacturing and total transparency.

They products they offer in Conventional Range:

  • Metal Joint Prosthesis
  • Ceramic-Metal
  • Resin Assistant
  • Metal Assistant
  • Composites
  • Prosthesis on Implants

And Welding Laser, which is very precise, do not require solder so… no corrosion.

The laser welds are systematically made under protection of rare gas (ARGON).

It also allows you to weld Pure Titanium and Titanium alloys.

In Bio-Dental Range:

  • Titanium plates
  • Titanium Joint
  • Ceramics without metal
  • Zirconium oxide

Today, consumers rightly pay more attention to what they eat and where the food they eat comes from. On the other hand, they rarely think of getting information on the composition of the raw materials of the crowns and bridges placed in the mouth.

This is why their laboratory offers completely biocompatible materials. In order to increase their performance, to be more competitive, they offer our customers what is best in this new century and so they believe the future belongs to the “Bio” solutions obtained mainly by CFAO.

Laboratoire Esthetica Dentaire

The dental Esthética laboratory located in Mions at the gates of Lyon in the Rhône since 2004 brings you a quality work in which we offer you and your patients innovative solutions for your dental prosthesis and a level of quality-price ratio irreproachable. Since 2004, their partner dentists ( dentiste garde ) trust us in the many works carried out. The laboratory is equipped with the latest digital technologies (scanner 3 Shape), so they are ready to receive both your physical footprints as your digital footprints, which can maintain a consistent quality throughout the work. This mastery of the digital chain with CAD / CAM tools (design and computer-aided manufacturing) contributes to success and patient satisfaction.
All materials used are CE certified. All of their dental prostheses, whether joint or assistant, are guaranteed in case of breakage.They offer the next products:

Metal-Ceramic Crown

The frames for metal-ceramic prostheses are made of CAD / CAM, thus ensuring a very high accuracy of fit. Their ceramics are laminated in several powders according to the request of the dentist and the inlay-core reconstitute the stump on devitalized tooth and strongly dilapidated. On the indication of the dentist, the ceramic is laminated in the desired shade, if necessary a custom shade can be made in the office or laboratory. On devitalized tooth and highly dilapidated inlay-core will restore the stump and then put a ceramic prosthesis or any ceramic.

  • Biocompatible Prosthesis

The dental technician in Mions, not far from Lyon and Saint-Priest, makes the joint dentures and in particular the biocompatible prostheses.

IPS e.max.

The IPS E.max, with excellent aesthetic properties, is particularly recommended for all restorations of a single tooth in the anterior and posterior area. They can be laminated or made anatomically and made up very economically. Even in the presence of dyschromic stumps or titanium abutments, it is no longer necessary to use zirconium oxide or metal-ceramic . This innovative ceramic achieves excellent aesthetic results and reveals, in comparison with other glass ceramics, a resistance 2.5 to 3 times higher. For bridges, zirconia is the material of choice for dental applications, excellent biocompatibility and low thermal conductivity. It offers essential high performance in the posterior area, thanks to its high resistance and fracture toughness. The zirconia frames can be laminated or made anatomically and made up. For an economical after restoration, they propose you our low cost Ziréco crowns which allow to find an ideal masticatory function.


Inlay-core is a composite for reconstitution and nano-hybrid ceramics for inlay / onlay. The new materials for nanohybrid ceramics are ideal for unitary teeth in the case of inlay / onlay, facet maintaining an interesting quality / price ratio. All these biocompatible prostheses can be joined together with adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional sealing systems. As usual, inlays and facets are adhesively bonded.